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Classroom Environment

Cypress Creek Montessori School has spacious, bright, and well prepared classrooms incorporating materials designed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Each classroom is a multi-aged group environment. From this structure, the older children learn to guide the younger children and are a model in the classroom. This creates self confidence, leadership, and pride within the students. With this concept, the classrooms operate in a harmonious fashion. The primary classrooms have children aged 3-6 years, and our Pre-Primary classroom is for children aged 18 months to 35 months.

Each child is able to work and accelerate at his or her own pace. The students are self-directed and non-competitive learners in an environment that provides freedom of movement and freedom of choice. Outside of the educational aspects of the materials, all work is designed to harbor focus and concentration. As Dr. Montessori stated, “The first essential for a child’s development is concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely happy”.

The teachers act as guides in the child-oriented classroom offering lessons when appropriate although each work is self-correcting. The Montessori classroom contains the following areas of academics:

Practical Life – This area is one in which the child learns to take care of his/her self and the environment and incorporates activities needed in day to day living. Examples of this would be tonging exercises, pouring and spooning work, as well as working in our flower and vegetable garden. All materials are designed to be attractive and to engage the child while developing fine motor skills, focus and concentration.

Sensorial – The students learn how to use their five senses and develop skills in sequencing, color discrimination and gradation of various sizes, shapes and depths.

Language – Through the enrichment activities of phonics, reading and writing, students will progress from simple to complex exercises in oral and written language concepts and exercises.

Math – The Montessori math activities begin with concrete problem solving in order to build a solid foundation for the basis of math. From this foundation, the students progress to more complex and abstract work in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Geography – Montessori students have detailed knowledge about the diverse world around them. The students will discover their world by using maps and landforms, as well as studying the culture of other countries.

Science – Children are educated in the sciences of botany, geology, astronomy and zoology.

Arts – Children are encouraged to create and discover their own creativity by using different mediums such as paint, crayons, markers, play dough, cutting and pasting and creating collages.


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