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Is Cypress Creek Montessori associated with AMI or AMS?
Cypress Creek Montessori’s certified teachers are mainly from the AMS (American Montessori Society) training background as opposed to AMI (Association of Montessori Internationale). Although our classrooms incorporate a full array of Montessori materials, we also include arts and crafts and seasonal works. We feel that through the AMS philosophy, we are able to satisfy the needs of our preschool aged children more effectively.

Does Cypress Creek Montessori require uniforms?
Cypress Creek Montessori does not require uniforms. We understand that this can be costly for the parents of a rapidly growing child and we also know that the child enjoys the freedom of choice of his or her attire of the day.

Does Cypress Creek Montessori allow children to celebrate their birthday at school?
Cypress Creek Montessori has a special ceremony to celebrate birthdays. This requires a prop from home, a poster with a picture and description of milestones for each year of life. The child, with a globe in hand, will then walk around the sun and months for each revolution, stopping after each revolution to talk about the milestones of each year. Parent involvement is encouraged; this is a special ceremony that each student looks forward to.

How many times do the children at Cypress Creek Montessori go out to play?
Cypress Creek Montessori offers a shaded, spacious and private play area for our students to enjoy at three different intervals during the school’s operating hours.

Does Cypress Creek Montessori serve meals?
Cypress Creek Montessori serves snacks in the morning and afternoon. Lunches are provided from home and we have a microwave in the classroom to gently warm his or her lunch. We ask that no high sugar content items are included in the packed lunches.

Is Cypress Creek Montessori closed for the summer?
Cypress Creek Montessori is opened year round. During the summer months, we have Splash and Pizza Day every Friday.

Does Cypress Creek Montessori have a garden for the children to tend?
Yes. The students have a vegetable garden to tend as well as a flower garden.

Does Cypress Creek Montessori require parent participation and involvement?
Cypress Creek Montessori has many school functions throughout the year in which parent participation in strongly encouraged. Examples of these are International Day, Splash Day, and other celebrations such as our Valentine’s Day Luncheon, Mother’s Day Tea, Dogs with Dad, Thanksgiving Luncheon, and our Winter Break Party.

How will I know about my student’s progress?
Cypress Creek Montessori has Parent /Teacher Conferences twice a year, in April and November. The teachers and director are always available throughout the year, though, to address any questions or concerns.

Do I need an appointment to come to the school?
Yes. Tours and observations are done by appointment only. Classroom observations of the Primary classrooms are by appointment in the morning time. We welcome all new clients throughout the year.


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