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“This letter is for the purpose of expressing our great appreciation for the enriched academic instruction and warm social-emotional atmosphere the staff provided for my granddaughter, Alexandria. It helped her development tremendously, and she will reap a lifelong benefit from your instruction.

When Alexandria came to Cypress Creek Montessori over six months ago, she was behind in her skills in several areas and needed a great deal of staff time and attention. The staff kindly gave her the individual attention she needed and met with me and her mother often to work together as a team. You pointed the way and guided us in obtaining diagnosis and help for her to receive the additional tutoring she needed in speech therapy, and physical/occupational therapy at the Children’s Hospital of Austin and later at Seton Cedar Park. We worked together to shape her behavior so that she could enjoy and benefit from the play and school activities with other children. Consequently, she is now up to her age level and doing very well.

Alexandria is going to Seattle, Washington, with her mother for a number of months; however, we simply cannot part without saying how much your help, instruction and patience have helped Alexandria. We especially appreciate Ms. Yeun’s teachings and care. We have a good deal of confidence now that Alexandria will do well in Kindergarten and beyond.”

Please accept our family’s sincere thanks.
E. Anne Brockett-Volpe, Ph.D., Alexandria’s Grandmother

“Ana’s wonderful three years at Cypress Creek Montessori come to a close as she will start Kindergarten at Faubion Elementary this fall. She will start Kinder being able to count unassisted to 100, she knows all the letters of the alphabet and their corresponding phonemes, can read short phonetic words, knows all the continents, and numerous other facts as well as valuable life skills and positive personal habits, such as respect for self and others, putting things up when she is done, and collaborating with her peers. The staff show genuine care and respect for the children, and through the PAC (Parent Action Committee) and classroom representatives you have ensured high parent involvement and participation in the functioning of the school. Thank you to you, to Ms. Yeun, to Ms. Tonya, and to all of the teachers and staff for making sure Ana had a wonderful and fun learning experience. Her life will always be richer for the strong foundation she has received at the school. May all of you be filled with happiness and may your school continue to prosper.”

Alejandra Martin

“We are thrilled with Cypress Creek Montessori! It’s a wonderful school and we have had wonderful teachers for two and half years. My daughter and son have been attending. The school is small, friendly and very focused on making sure each child gets the opportunity to advance or catch up if needed. The principal and teachers have been phenomenal. Special days were tons of fun – International Day, Zoo Day, Pizza and Pajama day, Splash Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and many more! I highly recommend Cypress Creek Montessori!”

-Eden T

“Our younger son is in primary section at CCM and our older son graduated from the CC Montessori last year. We find the CCM has an excellent environment for early childhood development and advanced learning following the Montessori program.
Our kids love the learning they receive every day from very dedicated and well qualified teachers and the caring and nurturing staff, for toddlers and primary classes. Every day they pick from a range of learning materials related to reading, writing, numbers, math, science, creative art work and playing. One of the favorites they especially enjoy is the Show and Tell on every Fridays.
CCM provides very safe, secure and well structured environment which makes it not just a true stepping stone but also provides an early strong foundation to learning and for easy transitioning to elementary school. At the end of the program at CCM they have a proper graduation ceremony for kids headed to elementary school. Our older son experienced that. He really matured and developed advanced skills in reading, writing and math and socially as well at the CCM School. This made his transitioning to elementary school as a natural progression. He goes to Spicewood Elementary and is performing at advanced levels, all kudos to his teachers at CCM. Our younger one joined in as a Toddler and made it through with potty training and development through loving and caring guidance of his teachers. He is now in the primary classroom and is learning new things every day.
We found the management is committed and consciously delivers on the promises made during enrollment, on matters of kid’s development and learning, parent-teacher conferences, healthy teachers to student ratio, and teaching of the languages program, Chinese and Spanish. They have an active PTA that meets regularly and bring matters of importance with the management.”

-Hetal Desai

“We moved our 5 year old to Cypress Creek from another Montessori school about a year ago. We have seen a remarkable improvement in his learning skills and he loves it.

The teachers are very involved in student activities. Ms. Tonya is knowledgeable and responsive and the facilities are clean and well kept. Overall, Cypress Creek is a great school and we highly recommend it.”

-Hari G

“Both of my daughters have attended this school and we just couldn’t wait to get our second one there! Imagine my surprise the first day my daughter came home reciting the Chinese alphabet! They even get to plant a garden and harvest it! Both of my daughters knew all the continents at age 4! It is always exceptionally clean. Every teacher there is invested in the natural development of the children. The work stations are phenomenal and help optimize the development of the children. My first child went on to public school and was much more advanced than her school mates. My youngest still attends until summer when she will graduate. We just cannot say enough positive things about this school and the quality of teachers and staff there. Truly this is an excellent school and I would highly recommend it to anyone needing quality care for their child.”

-John D

“Both of my kids attended Cypress Creek Montessori School since 2006. The younger one is graduating this summer. The facility is in good condition and classroom setup is excellent. The staff and teachers are caring and patient with kids. My kids were able to develop at their own pace in getting ready for kindergarten. It is especially important to my younger one. I recommended this school to many of my friends.”

-Fei G

“My son attended CCMS when he was 4. He then went on to Kinder at Purple Sage Elementary and found that it was not as challenging as it was at CCMS. He learned a tremendous amount while being taught by excellent teachers. His younger sister is attending and she has just blossomed. She attended the Toddler Room with Ms. Laurie and really enjoyed it. We then moved her to Crenshaw’s Athletic Club so she could learn gymnastics and swimming and found her academics declining. We have since moved her back to CCMS into a primary class. My wife and I can tell her academics are improving in the short time she has been back. Her baby sister will be 2 and will attend in September in the Toddler Room.

Besides the great teachers, the director, Mrs. Tonya Hallam, is an excellent person to trust our children with. She is attentive and very caring. My wife and I are grateful for how she cared and cares for our children.”


“My son has attended Cypress Creek Montessori School for the past two years and will be headed to kindergarten very well prepared in the fall. The school’s facilities and staff are geared to help kids learn at their own pace. Not only does the school emphasize “challenging work” but offers Spanish and yoga as well. He has made many friends at the school. We have been very pleased with our son’s progress as he prepares for his next steps in life. CCM has far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend them to anyone.”

-Stefan P

“My daughter has been going to CCM since she was 2. The teachers are warm and caring and have helped her develop socially and academically. They have nice spacious classrooms and an awesome playground. I also like that they have Chinese, Spanish, Yoga, dance, and art activities on site. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good Montessori.”

-Saloni M

“My son attended Cypress Creek Montessori from age 3 to 5. He felt happy and comfortable there. He was ready emotionally and academically for kindergarten thanks to the school’s consistency, structure and genuine concern. I recommend them to all of my friends!”

-Tessa S

“Thank you Cypress Creek Montessori for setting the foundation for love and education for my daughter. Before enrolling in the school, I had visited many others in the area, and was immediately impressed by the school-like setting and the beauty of the materials. I understood the difference between “school” and “daycare”. My daughter progressed from the Toddler Room to the Primary classrooms and I love how she thrived with the loving guidance from her teachers and the director. I felt very safe every day having her be in their care. She is in the “big school” now and while we were very sad to leave CCMS, I am thankful she had the benefits of this school to carry her through.”

-Michelle B

“CCMS is a great school! My oldest went to CCMS from age 3 until age 5. My youngest went to CCMS from age 3 to age 5. The teachers at CCMS are wonderful. Both of my children learned how to write their full name, know all of their ABC’s & most of their numbers. CCMS has a school structure with subjects like science, math, etc. They also have instructors that come in to teach Spanish and Chinese. CCMS also offers extracurricular activities like gymnastics, dance, sports, etc. It is a great school with the most caring staff. You will definitely feel comfortable dropping your child(ren) off at CCMS knowing they are in good care!”

-Tanya B

“Both of my boys attended Cypress Creek Montessori several years apart and we had wonderful experiences each time. The school maintains a joyful atmosphere where students are supported and cared for while learning. The teachers and director are warm, approachable and generous with their time and attention to each student. My sons were happy to go to school each day, and they came away with fond memories and ample skills for kindergarten.”



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